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Hi There!

I want to take moment to congratulate you on looking for some answers and seeking guidance to building your own Big Financial Future. 


I want you to know that you are not alone.  Many women have either been there or are where you are right now.... myself included.  Frankly, it was scary.  I would lay awake at night and worry not only about my bills, but also wondering if I would end upon the street or having my family take care of me.  Neither option was appealing.   I came through it and so can you!

You are, where you are with your current situation.  This is a no shame, no blame place. No one will talk down to you or diminish you, rather you will be listened to and empowered.

 I work in an industry where women agents and advisers are hardly acknowledged, let alone catered too.  If this is how they treat us, how are female clients be treated?  It is because of this I decided to empower and educate others about how money works, and how to make it grow it.   By talking in relate-able terms that make sense you can increase your financial literacy and create strategies and solutions to live your dream "Big Financial Future".




You’re resourceful, creative and resilient! Create the future you deserve.
— Denise Fleming
Denise Fleming is easy to work with and her level of communication is unparalleled. She is very knowledgeable and never makes you feel judged or talked down to. I look forward to working with Denise again!
— Kim Peigne
Thank you so much for taking care of me and my wife’s insurance needs. You were patient, no pressure and answered all of my questions and brought in experts to explain what was available to meet the needs I requested. Win-Win-Win. Thank you!
— John Jaco