Hello, my name is Denise Fleming.

I’m an entrepreneur and licensed insurance agent located in Austin, Texas and Calgary, Alberta.  

Throughout my business life,  I have seen a lot of the good old boy mentality. When I graduated from business school I was told that as a woman I would have to work twice as hard to get a promotion and make less than my male counter parts.  Although, it is getting better in the workplace for women today, there are many other areas we our specific needs are being over looked.  Insurance and financial planning are two such areas.  Women need to be able to determine realistically what they need to do to build a strong financial house for themselves and their families. Women live longer than men and typically still earn less.  We have different health care issues.  More and more women in all income brackets are deciding not to marry.  These single women as do all women,  need know how plan for the unexpected and ensure themselves a comfortable retirement.  

My first priority is to educate and inform women on how money really works, and share the tools that are available to them to achieve a healthy BIG FUTURE.  

Lastly, all my life I have wanted to make a difference in the larger community.  Women helping women globally helps societies and economies grow strong.  I encourage you to visit the community page of to explore ways to help other women build their BIG FUTURE!

I hope this blog inspires you. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!