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Live Intentionally - Design Your Legacy

What is the footprint you want to make?  By living intentionally you can make a difference for the things you care about while you are alive.  Make a conscientious decision about the footprint you want to leave behind.  Estate planning is not only for the rich and famous, and it is more affordable than most realize.

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Getting To The Heart Of Matters - Fund Your Dream Future

No matter what your age and current finances, it is not too late to fund your dream future.  We will look at ways to increase your income.  Are you being under paid? Do you want or need a side gig? What would an extra $500,$1000 or $2000 a month mean for your retirement and peace of mind.  It has never been easier to earn more.   

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Discover Your Money Type - Over Come Over Spending- Conquer Debt

Everyone has a personal relationship with money and spending.  Just as we all have personality types and communication styles, we also have spending styles.  By understanding your spending style you can look at your relationship with money you can go from chaos to prosperity!  Conquer debt long term.  Reserve your seat now


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Redesign Your Financial House - A Woman's DIY Guide

  • 14205 North Mopac Expressway Austin, TX, 78728 United States (map)
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ReDesign Your Financial House - A Woman's DIY Guide 

Introduction Session

The three biggest concerns women have regarding  retirement are: How do I make sure I do not become a burden family? Will I have to go on a budget? And how do I make sure I never will become a bag a lady?  

This is the first in a series of workshops that will be showing you a variety of tools and techniques that will assist you in building you’re your own personal “Big Future Income Plan. We will discuss managing debt, how to develop a safe money platform. Plan for your long term healthcare,  discuss  tax strategies and finally what you want to leave as your legacy.  

YOU Can build YOUR financial literacy to confidently live and retire in YOUR OWN desired BIG FUTURE. 



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