Texas Women's Conference

Me Women's conference 2017.jpeg

A day spent with Amazing women at the 2017 Texas Women's Conference.  The information was not only inspiring but valuable. I encourage everyone to attend their local women's conference every year.  

My 3 Biggest Take Aways From The Texas Women's Conference

Last week I attended the Annual Texas Women's Conference.  On first leaving the event my comments were great inspiring speakers and it is a well run event. It wasn't until this week chatting with a friend that I found myself quoting the speakers and telling their stories. Here are my most important takeaways.  

1. Good Is Done... Because as women in the workplace we have been to a different and higher standard than our male counter parts, we have become driven by perfection. There are other reasons as well but that is not what this point is about. It is about being able to take a step back and look at something and say yes it is good. At that moment realizing it is done!  We live in a very competitive market and speed to market wins. Stop over thinking and over working it. Remember good is done.

2.  Find a mentor in your profession, male or female. Mentors help guide on stage but also behind closed doors where they can be your advocate.  

3. Stand up for other women in the workplace and in business. We have stood alone too long.  We have great strength in working together and for each other.  Encourage women to go where few women have gone before.  It is only through representation in non traditional female roles, occupations and in office that we can institute change.

Looking forward to next year.  Until then, I will reach out a little further to grasp the hand, inspire and encourage other women.


Denise Fleming