Choice & Communication Are Keys To Successful Consumer Driven Benefits

Employers everywhere are feeling the pinch of double-digit health insurance inflation. One trend that’s getting some notice as a possible solution is the consumer-driven benefits approach, which typically couples a high-deductible health plan with a personal health account, such as a health savings account. The thinking behind this approach is that employees may be more careful about managing health care expenses when they’re footing a larger portion of the bill. To successfully implement the consumer-driven benefits approach with your employees, there are two critical factors that must be part of your implementation plan:

·         Voluntary benefits

·         Effective, one-to-one benefits education session with a benefits professional

Voluntary benefits bring employees choice

With the move toward high-deductible health plans, your role is changing from providing and paying for traditional benefits to providing access to a wide variety of quality benefits — both core and voluntary. This way, you can maintain a competitive benefits package and still provide employees with options to lessen the effects of their increased financial risk for medical expenses:  Read More

Denise FlemingComment