Countless Reasons To Add Voluntary Accident Insurance To Your Company Benefits


Your company’s employees have busy lives, inside and outside the office. Those with families likely spend considerable time attending school functions and driving their children from one activity to another. Some of those activities – from football and soccer to dance and cross country – can involve accidents and injuries. And so can all of the driving to and from activities.

            When accidents happen, they’re often followed by a series of bills. Even with good health insurance, your employees can have out-of-pocket expenses including co-pays or co-insurance, ambulance charges and emergency room fees.

            One quick example: A man bought an accident policy for his family of four. Since both of his sons played football, he felt the purchase made good, practical sense. In the three years since he bought the policy, his family has filed four claims due to various injuries sustained by the sons — none of which were caused by football.  He figures the policy has paid for itself a couple of times over by now.  Read More

Denise Fleming